E você?

Já alguma vez lhe passou pela cabeça ser primeiro-ministro?

Tony Blair, na despedida de Downing Street, deixou umas dicas no Youtube [já agora, reparem na gravata do tóni aos 02:09...].

O Guardian sintetiza as cinco lições:

Lesson one: the key to coping with a demanding and unpredictable job as leader is to "compartmentalise". After all, you never know what's going to be thrown at you, sometimes literally (purple powder in the Commons chamber has been known).
Lesson two: the half-hourly weekly prime minister's question time is your opportunity to "mug up" on all the things going on under your watch, 'fesses our candid old-timer. And there we were thinking he knew it all off by heart.
Lesson three: get the "facts, facts, facts" behind you and not much can go wrong.
Lesson four: be prepared to work around the clock. "The hours are very long and probably not lawful under some working time directive or other," quips Mr Blair.
Lesson five: be prepared to be caught out by the enormity of the role at first, because nothing quite prepares you for it, not even being opposition leader (David Cameron take note).

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