I like my songs to last as long as a Volvo. Thirty or forty years is what they used to advertise. It's a wonderful feeling if a song can be useful for a couple of generations.

That essential contract of soul to soul between humans has disintegrated and we're left with a very cruel alternative.

A good song, a good lyric, is a movie: it will just focus and calm and confer significance on this completely bewildering reality that all of us live in.

The moon stood still on Blueberry Hill
[resposta à pergunta: give one immortal line from a song. A canção foi imortalizada por Fats Domino. Diz Cohen: you just see that full moon suspended, you just want to gaze at it]

How do you like living with Beethoven?
[foi o que disseram a Cohen, quando, nos sixties, passou uns tempos com Joni Mitchell]

I have a very poor imagination, so I've always thought of myself as a kind of journalist just reporting from the field as accurately as I can.

Nobody has a life that worked ou the way they wanted it to work out. We all begin as the hero of our own dramas in centre stage and inevitably life moves us out of centre stage, defeats the hero, overturns the plot and the strategy an we're left on the sidelines wondering why we no longer have a part - or want a part - in the whole damn thing.

Lonely for your love and nothing less
Touch my heart and cure this loneliness
[apontamento para uma nova canção, redigido durante um voo para Montreal]

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